The project

Start date: January, 2019
End date: June 31st, 2021

This project focuses the attention on two major issues that Educational institutes are facing:
         • support the inclusion of students from disadvantaged groups, with a specific focus on migrants and second generation pupils;
         • the effective integration of ICT in the school system (avoiding under and misuse of available resources), with a full use of their interactive, collaborative, creative aspects.
By “looking at the sky” the students will have an opportunity to exercise their scientific thinking, explore new concepts, cooperate in the solution of a challenge and see the Earth form a different point of view.

The participants

• 7 schools from 3 European countries
• 3 Universities (Università di Milano-Bicocca; Universidad de Granada; Middle East Techinical University) involving different faculties: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Astrophisics, Instituto de Migraciones
• An NGO expert on Internet activism for social change
• A wide number of “special guests”


The international team of astrophisics

Divided into teams, the students are sent into a space exploration but they loose control and became lost.

Using different kind of data (information provided in 3 videos by the spaceship computer, dialogues with experts and use of a computer planetarium) they need to establish their position and communicate it to their rescuers.

The activities

During their voyage, the students became involved in all sort of activities:


Introducing themselves and getting to know the other students




Working on the storytelling of topics related to inclusion/exclusion, which lead to various outputs such as:

  • personal presentations;
  • creation of a collective narration;
  • realization of short movies


Use of advanced software for astrophysics and reflection on relevant mathematical and physics subjects




Visits to local observatories and science museums



Experiments and Exhibitions


Overall, the project activities allowed participants to:
• reflect on personal experiences and on the dynamics of inclusion/exclusion that exists at different levels in all contexts, gaining a new level of awareness and providing the space to address underlying issues;
• Approach complex scientific concepts;
• Experiment with ICT in a collaborative environment.

Some project results

Teams Blogs

Web Radio


Visit Web Radio to listen to the project audio materials (such as interviews and podcasts).


Didactic Materials

The didactic material developed remains available here for any school that may decide to
take up the challenge and engage in a trip to the stars.

Partners of the project

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Universidad de Granada

Middle East Technical University

Danes Je Nov Dan

Fondazione Luigi Clerici

Innovative Education Association

IES CArtuja

Fundacio Privada Trinijove